Teacher-Librarian Services

Site Under Construction! Awesome Infographic coming soon!

For now, when you’re booking, please use the following codes to book the Teacher-Librarian:

Book X – Book Exchange, can be followed by silent reading, or preceded by a Book Talk, if you like!

Book Talk – I’ll give a 10-15 minute presentation on our new books, books on a particular theme, or a book of interest that you request, followed by a Book Exchange.

Collab – Collaborate on teaching or planning a lesson. You can come down to the Library, or I can come to you.

Lesson – I’ll present a lesson on research skills, literacy skills or a topic of your choice (meet with me ahead of time to arrange this!) I do have some pre-prepared lessons for particular themes or grade levels, which I will include in my infographic (coming in September!)

Orientation – Library Learning Commons orientation. Usually booked at the beginning of the year.

R & I / Support – Research and Inquiry support –  I’ll make myself available to co-teach or help support students with whatever they have come down to the Library to do